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OBSIDO® Uplift & Sculpt set

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This velor soft facial cupping provides a better grip and reduces lint from accumulating on the cup. This is often a problem with other silicone facial cupping.

Cupping is a massage method in which you can massage and clean out the connective tissue. Blood flow is stimulated so that oxygen and nourishment are given to the skin, and any waste substances are transported away.

Facial cupping has a smoothing effect on lines and wrinkles, and creates glow and vitality in the face.

Gua Sha
This small, breathtaking and multi-functional mini gua sha massager can become your new favorite tool that can be used anytime and anywhere.

With gua sha and acupressure techniques, you have an eternal product that you can always use to relieve tension, blockages and calm the nervous system, as well as create the most beautiful lymph massage routines.

You will be able to clearly see and feel how your muscle tension and worry wrinkles melt away with every movement you use this mini gua sha.

OBSIDO® Uplift & Sculpt set - Sara Lorentsen Skin Expert
OBSIDO® Uplift & Sculpt set Sale price369,00 DKK