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Mindful Movements

This team is developed for health, longevity and physical + mental well-being. It's a dynamic workout, but it's wrapped in mindfulness and nourishing music.

The team helps to build strong but long and lean muscles, to create more stability in our movement patterns and to expand our aerobic fitness and connect us to our breath.

By using our body weight, we work with our primary movement patterns such as push, pull, twist, lunge, etc. while making use of pilates, yoga, fitness and strength exercises that shape the body and make it resistant to injury.

The element of connection to the breath and the combination of mindfulness ensures that your stress levels are balanced, so that after each session you feel recharged and relaxed - no matter how hard your muscles have been working.

The training is designed to help you move as efficiently as possible in your daily life, as we work on our movement patterns and muscle memory so that, without thinking about it, you will slowly start to activate your muscles at the most optimal manner. At the same time, we also build a strong, resilient and beautiful defined body with a good attitude.

Everyday life today, where many of us sit down for a large part of the day or spend a lot of time in front of a screen, means that our posture and natural movement patterns are often challenged. And in a world where we are always 'on', many of us live with high stress levels. In this team training, we work on balancing all these elements.


To you, there

  • Wants to come into balance with himself
  • Would like to nourish his body better
  • Would like to live a long, rich and healthy life.
  • Is stressed
  • Would like to lose weight, but cannot succeed
  • Have a strained relationship with your body
  • Not sleeping well at night

60 minutes

Price: DKK 140


Mindful movements with Mai Copsøe


  • Ideal for women of all ages
  • Stressed mind and/or body
  • Unhealthy/tired body
  • Poor posture
  • Lack of mobility and/or strength
  • Has a challenging relationship with food
  • Want a balanced life
  • Looking for harmony in the body


  • Reconnect with your body and with you
  • Better movement patterns
  • Improved posture
  • Building muscle mass
  • Better mobility and stability
  • Prevention of injuries
  • Better insight into the body's needs and how you nourish it
  • Reduced stress levels and increased energy level
  • Stronger, healthier body
  • Harmonious relationship with the body
  • Optimizing sleep


After the session, it's all about practicing your new tools and applying your new knowledge. The effect of the session naturally depends on whether you make use of your new awareness and practice communicating in a new way.

Keep practicing your new habits - and reach out if you need more support for implementation.

Testimonials from previous clients

"From the first time I met Mai, there was a special kind of calm that emanated from her. It was so nice, and she had a very special connection with everyone on the team, who was both sincere and gentle. Mai teaches with something that comes from within and cannot be taught. I feel Mai has a very special gift that heals and calms everyone around her. She is also really good at teaching one how to move better and more efficiently. But in fact, this is more secondary to me now.”

- Jane

"Mai is magical. The best things about her training for me are her attention to detail. I always feel like I'm being watched and the little corrections she makes really help me improve my movements. I also love , how she includes meditative aspects in the session and that she helps stretch one out at the end. The fact that she also always catches when someone is a bit stressed and doesn't necessarily need to be pushed to the edge is gold . Mai has helped me enormously to understand that movement is about taking care of and nourishing the body, rather than pushing it further when it has had a hard day."

- Beth

"In Mai's yin yoga, a calm, beautiful and cozy space has been created, which immediately sets the mood as soon as you enter. Her knowledge, narration and guidance in relation to the evening's theme are very rewarding. I look forward to participating again. "

- Karen

"I took part in Mai's beautiful cacao ceremony, which was a first for me, and it was both with curiosity and a little butterflies in my stomach that I looked forward to the event. The experience was very unique and touching. Mai guided us through it in the finest way. And the yoga hit the spot for me. Tears rolled down my cheeks at the end, and I have since felt that it has calmed my body. Thank you for the experience! ❤️"

- Louise

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