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La Petite Pillow Cotton

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Sale price695,00 DKK

La Petite is Save my Face's small pillow, which is designed to be placed on top of your regular pillow or on top of the Le Grand pillow.

The accompanying removable cover is high-quality 100% cotton with a fine and smooth structure, which closes with a YKK, invisible zipper.

The filling in all Save My Face pillows is made of special synthetic fibers, developed especially for Save My Face, which makes the pillow resistant to bacteria and prevents it from absorbing moisture and sweat.

The special filling mixture makes the pillow hypoallergenic and easy to maintain.

You can buy extra covers for your pillow so that you always have a fresh cover when the other needs to be washed. It is available in several colors – both in 100% cotton, 100% silk and microfiber.

The cotton cover is made of a delicious 100% luxury cotton in 500-thread square inch quality, with a satin-soft and smooth woven structure, in what is called a pearl weave.

This cotton feels lovely and natural against the skin and is easy to maintain.

La Petite Pude Bomuld - Sara Lorentsen Skin Expert
La Petite Pillow Cotton Sale price695,00 DKK