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Conscious communication

Conscious communication

In this session we delve deeper into your way of communicating and explore how you can successfully express your own needs and wants in a way that others will hear, understand and respect.

Through our time together, you will become more aware of your unconscious communication patterns, which may tend to create misunderstandings or difficult situations for you. In addition, you will get tools that help you have the courage to be (k)honest, so that you remain in integrity with yourself and thus increase the confidence you have in yourself.

The goal of this session is to teach you to stand up for yourself (rather than against others) by learning how to create security in and for yourself, so that from here you can express yourself calmly, clearly, firmly and (k)honestly.

To you there

  • Don't get set limits
  • Has difficulty honestly saying yes and no
  • Avoids difficult conversations
  • Not knowing how to confidently give others an invitation to meet your needs
  • Often reacts quickly and instinctively rather than acting reflectively
  • Feel pressured by direct speech
  • Can't ask for help / do everything yourself
  • Do what everyone else wants without including yourself

75 minutes

Price: 1250


1-1 session

  • 75 minute conversation session


Possibility of course

Option to purchase package courses that are tailored to individual needs. Contact Mai for more information.

Who will benefit from this session?

  • Ideal for everyone
    (both men/women)
  • Stressed mind and/or body
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Giving up or discouragement in relationships
  • Fear of expressing oneself

Experience these benefits

  • Able to set boundaries
  • Knows how to powerfully invite others to meet your needs
  • Greater self-confidence
  • Inner peace
  • Greater enjoyment of life and security
  • Abilities to honor oneself and one's own needs
  • Improved relationships - from private to professional contexts
  • Able to respond rather than react
  • Greater self-awareness and the ability to hold your own in difficult situations
  • Less stress

After the session

After the session, it's all about practicing your new tools and applying your new knowledge. The effect of the session naturally depends on whether you make use of your new awareness and practice communicating in a new way.

Keep practicing your new habits - and reach out if you need more support for implementation.

Testimonials from previous clients

“Mai, thank you so much for giving me the gift of your time and expertise.

This session is one of the greatest gifts I received yesterday. I will be eternally grateful. In fact, I thought I was good at saying no and communicating, but when I booked this session expecting to get some tips on how to phrase myself a little differently, I got so much more than that! In our session we actually uncovered the reason why it's so hard for me to set boundaries - in just this one session. I am also extremely grateful that you gave me practical ways to deal with my challenges. I have copy/pasted all your post-session notes into my work schedule and will slowly integrate them into my everyday life. I am so happy that I finally have permission and space within myself to heal."

- Irene

"Mai, Thank you for our session yesterday. Honestly, it was a fantastic experience for me to sit down and experience being so seen, heard and understood.

Thank you for looking at me with such kind eyes and for being so intuitive and non-judgmental while helping me see my situation in a whole new way with your directness. You have such a beautiful way of expressing yourself with words that describe things very clearly. It helps me take my power back in a situation where I have otherwise felt completely powerless."

- Hannah

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